David Crockett High School Athletics Upgrades

The project aims to utilize the existing central axis of the athletic complex and infrastructure as a promenade to connect all program elements, facilitate circulation, and efficiently locate utility services. The existing field house will be remodeled to house ticket booth and public toilet. Directly aligned with the existing building, new structures will be constructed to house football and soccer fieldhouse, as well as a viewing filming terrace above. This will delineate a new façade plane that will separate the complex from the redesign pedestrian path and parking lot. The existing home grandstand and existing concessions building will be demolished. A new home grandstand with a new press box and filming platform will be constructed in place of the preceding one, accommodating around 2,300 spectators. Three separate buildings allocated underneath the bleacher structure will consolidate storage, concession and toilet facilities.

The existing visitor bleacher structure would be replaced with new ones.  Both existing softball and baseball would procure new lockers and dugout for both home and visitor, new batting cages, and new bleacher sitting with incorporated press box. Site work grading and implementation of irrigation in the baseball and softball fields can be anticipated, which presents the opportunity of new turf in these two fields. The existing football field lights will be relocated and new softball and baseball field lights will be replaced.

At this time, Phase I is schedules to start Fall 2023. The initial phase will include the promenade, pathway lighting, demolition of existing and construction of new grandstand, demolition of existing concessions building, construction of new concessions/storage/toilet facilities, and relocation of field lights.

Project Details

  • Size:

    13 Acres

  • Completed:

    Under Construction

  • Location:

    Jonesborough, TN

  • Client:

    Washington County Schools

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