Cocke County High School Additions + Renovations

The original design for Cocke County High School, along with subsequent building modifications, have resulted in various functional problems at the school for which permanent solutions were long overdue. Cocke County Schools engaged Lewis Group Architects to imagine a concept in which these various problems could be resolved with an economy of means. The project’s main goals were to expand the current Commons Area within the existing footprint for greater functionality during the school day as well as after-school events, to dislodge the existing, inadequate restrooms and locate higher capacity restrooms at the Commons Area periphery, to create a new secure vestibule with a reception area at the main entry, to reorganize the adjacent administration area for greater functionality and security, and to create a new identity for the school which also aids in wayfinding.

The solution proposed by LGA addresses the school’s 5 problem areas with a few strategic moves and a limited additional footprint. On the interior, school-branded red accent walls and new signage engage and orient visitors, while a series of linear ceiling clouds unify the interior and create an illusion of volume in an otherwise compressed space. The wedge-shaped plan design was generated to enhance visibility across the Commons Area to adjacent destinations. The new double-height glass vestibule solves three problems in one: Identity, wayfinding, and security. At just 320 square feet, the new vestibule makes a big impact on the facility.

Project Details

  • Size:

    10,600 SF

  • Completed:

    Under Construction

  • Location:

    Newport, TN

  • Client:

    Cocke County School District

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