At Lewis Group Architects, our priority is to provide great design for our clients and their communities. We believe that the spaces in which we live, learn, and play should engage the hearts of the community, challenge their expectations, and inspire young minds to prepare for a future unlike any we’ve ever known. Just such a space was completed this year at Findlay Elementary School in White County, TN.

To resolve growth and aging school problems in their district, White County Schools used LGA’s data collection and analyses as well as conclusions gathered during visioning sessions with users to make the decision to build a replacement school rather than renovate an existing school. This allowed the educators to start from the ground up in considering how new educational spaces can be designed to facilitate education by today’s pedagogical methods.

The concept for the new school for 600 students focuses on new types of learning spaces – particularly project based learning and maker spaces.

The Pre-K through Grade 5 school is designed in two main wings surrounding a courtyard with grades organized into neighborhoods of classrooms. The design purposefully makes all spaces potential learning spaces, even corridors and outdoor spaces, and makes deliberate playful places indoors and outdoors, as well.

This state-of-the-art factory of learning is a true homage to the educators and students of White County and LGA is proud to have been the Architect of Record on this colorful and distinctive facility.

LGA’s dynamic design staff strives for a client-inclusive project from beginning to end. Our team aims to emphasize and mirror the culture and goals of each client in the finished space. Our overall goal for any Learning Center is to give an enduring resource for its students and educators and to provide a place that enriches the community for generations to come.

“Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then can we play along in their world.”
– Robyn Beisswanger

Founded in 1982 by Jerry W. Lewis, AIA on the principles of honesty, integrity, and exemplary service for our clients, LGA is a professional corporation that has become the Firm of Choice – the firm that clients have chosen again and again for comprehensive and distinctive design, rendering, assessment, and masterplanning services.

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