First response centers, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, and other essential businesses across East Tennessee are constantly reformatting their business models in the face of the current global health initiative to limit and eventually eliminate the effects of COVID-19 all from within the civic and commercial spaces designed and built to serve the public no matter what may come. It is these businesses and their dedicated and heroic staff who remain on the front lines of our communities ensuring life goes on and sustains normality as much as possible. For them, we are eternally grateful.

Their work that carries on each day lends hope to a better tomorrow when we may all come together again, stronger, safer, and whole. It is the strength of a community, its people, and their dedication to each other that ensures that we will once again return to a life of chatting with old friends in the grocery store, sharing dinners with family at a restaurant, shopping for a new car for a graduate, catching up with our bank tellers and insurance agents, and thanking a first responder, hospital worker, or educator without the need for a mask. We will get there soon. Together.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Lewis Group Architects is one of the most sought after architectural firms in East Tennessee for one reason: an enduring commitment to our Clients. Close working relationships with our Clients produce great buildings. Lewis Group Architects are recognized as thought leaders in the fields of Education and Healthcare. We also have extensive experience in corporate office buildings, retail, and public buildings including libraries and other institutional and civic facilities. We make timeless contributions to the skylines of the communities where we work and to the lives that are improved and made more productive by the environments that we have designed.

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