The new Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Regional Consolidated Facility in Jackson, Tennessee is a 47,000 sq. ft., $22 million forensic laboratory and field office. This facility will replace the existing forensic laboratory in Memphis, Tennessee with modernized laboratory operations to meet the growing needs of the TBI in Western Tennessee.

The single-story structure includes five laboratory units: Firearms including a test range and projectile recovery tank, Drug chemistry, Toxicology/Blood Alcohol, Forensic Biology, and CODIS which supports the processing of DNA samples that are part of a federal database. The facility also includes an office and work rooms for the field investigations team in Jackson, a training room, and on-site evidence processing and storage that serves TBI and other local law enforcement agencies.

The building design balances the security of the laboratory and evidence processing/storage areas with the small public program. The design uses greater transparency and differentiation of materials to direct public to the main building entry and training room while providing privacy and security for the rest of the building.

Lewis Group Architects is honored to have participated in this highly esteemed project and we look forward to its use of serving in the greater good for many years to come.

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