As architectural designers, LGA approaches any project with an entire tool chest of services. From site selection and budget development, to schematic design, construction administration, marketing promotion, and beyond.

One particular service we are proud to provide, whether as a stand alone piece for a client or as part of a greater development project, are renderings.

Often times, clients will call on LGA to create a rendering for their Vision. This artistic piece is then used as a fundraising tool in order to obtain capital or simply excite stakeholders by sharing the scope of the project visually. With our years of experience in the field of project development, we know that this particular component of any project is chiefly important as it always takes a village to make any dream come true.

Throughout our now 38 years in business, the methods LGA has used to express each client’s Vision has grown and changed. When we began, hand sketches were the thing, bringing color and life to each client’s Vision by pouring over drawings with colored pencils and pens. With the emergence of technology into our field, we have learned, grown, and capitalized on new digital techniques in order to continue to provide state-of-the-art results in everything we do. Elevating our capabilities in the creation of these Visuals has been like properly expressing a client’s dream right there on screen for all to see. It is a source of pride and a humbling experience for our designers to work hand in hand with our clients to be able to bring this magic to life.

Want to wow the people in your corner with the Vision you’ve had for years?

It’s time. Call on LGA. Let us help you render them speechless.

Lewis Group Architects

Your Vision.

Our Passion.

“Telling stories with visuals is an ancient art.

We’ve been drawing pictures on cave walls for centuries.”

– Deborah Wiles

Founded in 1982 by Jerry W. Lewis, AIA on the principles of honesty, integrity, and exemplary service for our clients, LGA has become the Firm of Choice – the firm that clients have chosen again and again for comprehensive and distinctive design, rendering, assessment, and masterplanning services.

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