University of Tennessee Brehm-McLeod Food & Animal Sciences

Many of the aging facilities on the campus of UTK are being significantly updated to keep up with a changing academic environment, new technologies, and competition among other institutions of higher education in the country. In the case of this project, two adjacent buildings – the 1950’s Brehm Animal Science Building (113,000 sq. ft.) and the 1920’s McLeod Food Science Building (36,000 sq. ft.) – both underwent renovations simultaneously for all the reasons above. The aging Brehm Animal Science Building needed not only a facelift and new space planning for its entry spaces, administration areas, offices, and support facilities, but it also needed the ability to engage in new technologies throughout the building, especially in the laboratories. The animal arena was also renovated to improve seating, circulation, air quality, and more for both human and animal occupants.

The older McLeod Food Science Building was practically rebuilt to modernize administration areas, offices, food preparation areas, and laboratories. Additionally, a new Pilot Plant for testing new technologies in mass food production was built up to USDA Certification standards. This is a joint venture with Studio 4 Design.

Project Details

  • Size:

    150,000 SF

  • Completed:


  • Location:

    Knoxville, TN

  • Client:

    University of Tennessee

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