Overton County Nursing Home

As part of Overton County Nursing Home’s (OCNH) commitment to the cultural change that has been happening in skilled care senior living over the past decade – to provide residential and care solutions that are focused more on making smaller, home-like living units with closer relationships between staff and resident – OCNH commissioned Lewis Group Architects to design a 30 bed addition to its existing campus. Because the design of a nursing home as a house rather than an institution is still young, regulatory agencies are still adapting to the shift in the way they treat these facilities. LGA was able to bring its past experience in the design of these homes to the owner and regulatory agencies alike, helping to work through the transitions and facilitating the adaptations that needed to occur. The addition relocates beds from the existing nursing home into the “homes” and frees up space in the existing facility for more office and support spaces.

The addition consists of two houses for fifteen residents, each connected to the main facility by a connecting corridor. Each resident will have a private room and bathroom which they will have the opportunity to personalize with their mementos and belongings. The open floor plan provides easy access to the living area, kitchen, and laundry. This project seeks to deinstitutionalize long-term elder care through the design and the way OCNH cares for its residents. The design provides views of the nearby natural water feature and includes outdoor patios, landscaped gardens, and a gazebo located near the water. A walking trail, visible from the facility, was also incorporated for use by both the public and residents.

Project Details

  • Size:

    21,000 SF

  • Completed:


  • Location:

    Overton County, TN

  • Client:

    Overton County Nursing Home

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