Jefferson County High School

LGA was commissioned by Jefferson County to design additions and renovations to the existing high school built in 1973. Apart from the addition of numerous portable classrooms, no significant updates had been completed to the school since then. The school experienced growth, physical wear and tear, deterioration of building systems, shifts in curriculum, and changes to code required building standards over the past four decades that are no longer supported by the existing building. LGA designed renovations and additions to correct these insufficiencies, free up space in the existing building to be used as additional classrooms, and bring the building up to date for current and future students and teachers.

Renovations totaling 204,950 SF include the integration of a new sprinkler system where none existed before, new mechanical systems, new ceilings and interior finishes, electrical and lighting upgrades, complete renovations of existing toilets, a roof replacement and extensive renovations to the science department, including labs and classrooms.

Additions totaling 43,900 SF include a new administration area with increased security and access control, a new lobby and expansion of the commons area, and a substantial performing & visual arts addition. The performing and visual arts addition includes 635-seat auditorium, band room/rehearsal space, chorus room/rehearsal space, three art classrooms, a digital arts lab, a drama classroom, and public restrooms.

Project Details

  • Size:

    204,950 SF (renovations) / 43,900 SF (addition)

  • Completed:


  • Location:

    Jefferson County, TN

  • Client:

    Jefferson County Schools

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