Jefferson City Center

Lewis Group Architects and McGill-Associates were selected to design a city center for Jefferson City that would locate major city services on one site and give the community a place to identify as the city center. The site for the city center is located adjacent to the city’s recreation building.

With three buildings slated for immediate construction and one more in the future, LGA decided to design a campus for the city center in the form of a three-sided quadrangle with a public space or “town square” in the center that includes integrated, peripheral parking. The three buildings include a 13,000 SF administrative building, a 15,000 SF police station, and a 20,000 SF fire station. The future building, a public library, may be located on the fourth side nearest to the recreation building.

Both the city center site and the site of the recreation building would be linked via sidewalks. To define and punctuate the outdoor public space of the city center, all buildings on the site share a consistent palette of materials and detailing and mark the axes of the central space with their entrances.

Project Details

  • Size:

    48,000 SF

  • Completed:


  • Location:

    Jefferson City, TN

  • Client:

    City of Jefferson City, TN

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