Jacksboro Elementary School Additions

Lewis Group Architects is excited to be working with Campbell County Schools to help address their need for additional space for the growing student body at Jacksboro Elementary School. The original school building was completed in 1980, and although there have been subsequent classroom additions, now two communal spaces are the focus for this next expansion.

LGA designed simple masonry volumes to coordinate with the current character of the school providing as much natural lighting as possible. The construction includes expanding the current dining room to provide more seating capacity for the cafeteria, and an addition to the gymnasium-auditorium to accommodate more spectator seating for sporting events and school assemblies. There is more going on in the gym than active students, though. The construction required some structural gymnastics of its own; removing nearly the entire length of an existing load bearing wall and placing a large girder truss to span the opening and support the roof while maintaining an unobstructed view from the bleachers.

A new entrance lobby, directly adjacent to the gymnasium, provides direct access for after school activities and includes restroom facilities for the larger capacity in the gym. The space under the new bleachers is utilized for storage. All in all, these upgrades achieve the goal of efficiently providing much-needed elbow room for young students to gather for a variety of activities outside the classroom.

Project Details

  • Size:

    4920 SF

  • Completed:

    In Design

  • Location:

    Jacksboro, TN

  • Client:

    Campbell County Schools

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