Sanda Mill Lofts is a historic revitalization project, located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Over the past decade, LGA has envisioned this property being revitalized and has assisted the original property owner and a new developer in submitting and acquiring full approval for the historic mill to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

With this designation, the developer is facilitating historic tax credits for the development of the 59,692 sq. ft. mill into 52 one- and two-bedroom loft apartments. Downtown Cleveland currently has 59 loft apartments with Sanda Mill increasing that to 111 units.

The original buildings were built during a span from 1924-1968. From 1945-2002, Sanda Hosiery Mills was in operation as a national distributor, producing the “Famous Baby Bootie Sock” under the Humpty Dumpty brand name, thus making a significant commercial and industrial contribution to Cleveland, TN.

After all of the sewing machines and equipment were removed, the historic structure retained beautiful hardwood floors, exposed steel and wood structure, exposed brick and clay tiles, and large steel windows -a perfect palette for loft living.

The open mill space will be divided into 52 loft apartments with a central corridor. Residents will enjoy large re-glazed windows, exposed brick and structure, refinished hardwood flooring on the second and third levels, and polished concrete floors on the first level. Common spaces shall include a main lobby, a leasing office, laundry, and support spaces.

The history of the building will be highlighted with the display of a large historic boiler door, a conveyor, and the original freight elevator apparatus. Roof-mounted solar panels will be utilized on the roof and electric car charging stations will be provided in one of the three re-developed parking areas that accommodate approximately seventy parking spaces for residents.

In conjunction with the project, LGA has coordinated with the City of Cleveland, Mainstreet Cleveland, and the utility companies to also provide a streetscape improvement project with widening of sidewalks and the addition of parallel parking, street trees, and pedestrian lighting. LGA has also assisted the developer in obtaining $300,000 in historical development grants for the project.

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