Tenant Improvement: A term referring to modification and customization of a newly acquired or newly designed space in order to accommodate the needs of the new tenant.

What an exciting time for a business owner! You’ve signed your lease in your new space and the vision you’ve held for so long finally has walls! It’s all happening!

But those walls aren’t yet where you need them to be and that shade of yellow definitely isn’t within your branding color scheme. And how about that kitchen? Does it have the elements you’re needing? Or what about a patio? Don’t have one… need one?

These are all questions LGA can help you tackle. We are here for every client from the very beginning of the process all the way through ribbon cutting. We’re proud to stand with you and tackle the tough stuff to make the space your own.

And no job is too small, either. The team at Lewis Group Architects recognizes that the square footage on any given Tenant Improvement project may be minimal but it’s clearly the embodiment of a client’s dream and therefore means everything to us, too. Our dedication to bringing to life the heart of the client’s vision has been the biggest driver in over 83% of our clients returning to us for future business. LGA has become the firm our clients trust again and again to get the job done.

From collaborative design to project management to ribbon cutting…

At Lewis Group Architects, we’re with you… for all of it.

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Founded by Jerry W. Lewis, AIA on the principles of honesty, integrity, and exemplary service for our clients, LGA has become the Firm of Choice – the firm that clients have chosen again and again for comprehensive and distinctive design services. We look forward to an opportunity to tell you more about how we as an architectural partner can design a space that fits your needs and help you bring your vision to life.

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