Celebrating the Jefferson County Clerk & Election Complex

Lewis Group Architects is pleased to announce the successful completion and open house of the new Jefferson County Clerk and Election Complex. This 13,000 SF facility is designed to address overcrowding and improve circulation for the County Clerk’s office and the Jefferson County Election Commission, effectively centralizing two major county services on one site.

• • •


The building features two distinct spaces under one roof, each with its own entrance. This design not only enhances functional efficiency but also ensures a seamless integration with the aesthetic of nearby municipal buildings through a carefully selected palette of materials.

LGA partnered closely with the Jefferson County Government and McSpadden Construction to bring this project to fruition. This collaboration was instrumental in ensuring the project met the needs and expectations of all end users.

Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts remarked on the successful collaboration, stating,

“Jefferson County proudly opens a state-of-the-art Election, Clerk, Office on Aging, and Veteran’s Affairs offices available to the residents of Jefferson County. The cooperation of all parties has streamlined the process and has completed a successful building project.”

We look forward to welcoming the community to the new Jefferson County Clerk and Election Complex and celebrating this milestone achievement. Learn more about this project here!