It has always been vital to LGA to do work that is important and beneficial to the community. Our firm strongly believes that working with educational institutions allows us to contribute to our community in a positive way.

Projects in education have been central and instrumental in that choice and we are grateful for the opportunity to be involved with these school systems.

“If we can imagine the way we want to live, work, or learn, then we can chart a path toward its creation.” – Jerry Lewis, AIA

With the ever changing face of this current global health initiative to flatten the curve of the effects of COVID-19, most school systems are electing to transition from in-facility instruction to remote-learning in their homes. It is the innovation of these school systems and their educators that will ensure the continued engagement with students across our region and we are simply in awe.

At Lewis Group Architects, we along with all of you have immense hope that the day everyone can again embrace and come together to learn will be very soon. Until that day, we pray for the health and wellness of each of these innovators of education and pray our region and its people remain healthy, strong, and safe.