Lewis Group Architects has a long-standing relationship in the design of industrial facilities across our region and we find ourselves a thread in the even greater fabric that is Tennessee’s enduring manufacturing history.

From textiles to chemical, manufacturing to automotive and motor vehicle supply design, Tennessee has been a home base, developer, supplier, and distributor of the products from these facilities to the entire Sunbelt market via Interstate 40 and beyond for generations. In fact, according to the US census in 1890, manufacturing led agriculture as the greatest producer of wealth in and for the state of Tennessee.

As the architects of record for the projects showcased here as well as many more, including those which are currently in their schematic design phases, we are proud to participate in the design of the spaces that play such an important role in our state’s economy. From the design of so many secondary education spaces across the region which also often play host to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs which train and certify students as future employees for industrial and technical roles within these manufacturing spaces, it is a point of pride to see the fabric come together from start to finish and to have had a hand in the design development of each of these integral spaces.

As the manufacturing industry keeps with the times and plays host to state-of-the-art manufacturing automation for the development of polymers, composites, fiber solutions and more, the design of these spaces continues to evolve and it is so important for LGA to stay attuned to the needs of these facilities and their technicians. To do so, LGA staff is constantly engaging in educational programs throughout the year which highlight newly available materials, resources, and design elements and it is always our goal to collaboratively design with the client and the future in mind.

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