Lewis Group Architects is pleased to present the newly completed interior renovation of The Bradley Co Health Department!

The Bradley County Health Department was very instrumental throughout 2020 and the first half of 2021 in COVID testing and vaccinations in Bradley County. While facilitating an offsite BCHD location for those services, Lewis Group Architects assisted in the design for a renovation of the main entry, lobby, consultation areas, and offices in the core of the facility.

The redesign included an expansion of lobby space with a Main Waiting Area and a separate Children’s Waiting Area. LGA used the light from the existing clerestory windows and redirected it into the two new lobby areas, providing a bright and expansive waiting area.

The previous layout was inefficient and employees had no separation from clients. The new design provides a secure office area for two reception spaces and eight consultant workstations, separated by large transaction windows for security and health safety purposes. Clients are directed from the waiting areas by number to each of the eight consultation areas that seat two clients at each space.

The renovation of the core of the building also provided two supervisors’ offices, a mailroom to serve the entire staff, and multiple workspaces for filing, copying, and records.

LGA was proud to have been a part of the design team that has provided a more efficient, healthier, and safe environment for the BCHD staff and each client that is served.

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